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Malade d’Amour, part 2


Why the French Elections Are Better Than Yours (part one)

Sarah here! Posting another thing that isnt a comic! And this one isnt even autobiographical! But its about relating to French culture as an American so that counts, n’est pas?

This is a picto-joke (I really have no good name for what it is) last week and ran out of time before it was finished, but wanted to post it in time for the first round of elections, which were on Sunday here. I’ll probably make part two in the coming weeks.

Perhaps you heard about what the results were? Current president Nicolas Sarkozy and socialist party candidate Françios Hollande will be the candidates for the final round of elections on May 6th and this was expected. But what wasnt expected was that 20% of French voters voted for Marine Le Pen, the extreme right-wing candidate. 20%! Wait, whats that? You don’t care about French politics?

Well here are some reasons why you may want to start:

Fromage Amèricaine


Malade d’Amour partie 1



Version Française

Hello hello, Sarah here, and its my turn to post. Yes, I know that this is supposed to be a blog of autobio comics and that what I’m posting isn’t a comic. It’s more of a picto-essay and I’ve been making quite a few of these lately because, well, sometimes I feel like writing more than I feel like drawing. Probably next time I post here, it will be a comic and it will be substantially shorter. But for now, here is a pretty long essay with some drawings done on-site in Angoulême.